Participation in Printpack India 2022

This year’s Printpack is a boon for all manufacturers and consumers. People are excited and are looking for new opportunities to fast track their growth. Especially when the world is looking for supply chain outside China, the Indian industry is very keen to meet world standards and the urgent requirement of a greener industry. This year's main theme of our Printpack 2022 participation is GREEN & SUSTAINABLE solutions. Hence with this exhibition happening at the right time, we will reach out to as many people as possible and attract their attention on the solutions we offer to help grow print and packaging at par with global standards.

Our location this year is stall G35 inside hall 9C. We are also showcasing a lot of products, starting from low migration inks to cobalt- and mineral-free inks, barrier coatings, UV inks and coatings, liquid inks, solvent-free lamination, pressure sensitive adhesives and many more. Toyo has been constantly adapting to the market and developing new products for its existing and potential customers. In the previous Printpack that took place in 2019, we launched our UV made in India product basket, which was a huge success. And after a hiatus of 2 years, you will witness our launching two more new products – water-based flexo and UV flexo inks made in India. Initial feedback of these products from customer tests have been very positive and we are confident that these products will flourish in the market. We are showcasing eco-friendly products such as water-based inks, biomass products along with a range of coatings which will support better recyclability. Toyo Ink Group Sustainability Vision TSV2050/2030, which was introduced this year by our parent company, has set forth an ambitious target to make our production operations carbon neutral by 2050, and these product launches ensure that we are on the right path. Thus this year’s Printpack is going to play a huge role in attracting people’s attention on our eco-friendly and sustainable line of products.

The Toyo Ink Group, a company with over 120 years of history, established its presence in India in 2006 with the goal of connecting the Group's business activities through science-based methodologies and innovative ideas. We have two manufacturing locations in India: The Delhi plant (in Greater Noida) manufactures different varieties of inks and coatings whereas the Gujarat Plant (in Bharuch) manufactures various inks, coatings, resins, adhesives and functional and colour masterbatches, using world-class Japanese technology.

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